"Sexy Flame Demon"


I am unemployed and need help with the bills. I am close to being in dept (For reals I owe around $1,945 ) and I may have to cancel on attending kumoricon and cancel my phone line. I cant even afford food etc because all the money I had left went to paying for school or my family took without permission (I made a secret account now)! Please help me! I planned to move out from home but I can no longer afford that either and I may need to drop school to search for atleast 3-4 jobs to maintain and pay my dept off!

I lowered prices for people can afford my art and also because this is a summer sale/ emergency commissions! 

Right now I will draw anything, except if I cant draw something I will let you know! 

If you want me to live stream or do a join me so you can watch, please ask I will love to do that! 

Any Questions? Send me an ask here or email me at iilululoid@gmail.com

All payments go through paypal at iilululoid@gmail.com ! unless you have another method PLEASE ASK!

Please signal boost this!!